About Us

Mac Harris, President of Innovative Rock & Water has been building beautiful land and hardscapes for over 20 years. After graduating from Hennepin Technical Institute in Minnesota, majoring in Landscape Design and Construction, he came back to his native state to begin to follow his passion. Since the beginning he has specialized in water feature design and construction. Today Technology has transformed the industry dramatically. Mac stays abreast the latest innovations and contributes to it by networking and attending out of state conventions and seminars.

Innovative Rock & Water is unique because of the diversity of work that we are able to do. Many of the materials we use to build our projects are proprietary. These ingredients allow us to build realistic trees, plants, animals, rocks, ice, snow, corals, vines, stumps, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Each of our projects has their own demands that we have to adhere to. For instance corals for salt water aquariums must be built from products that are incredibly durable, to handle large fish chewing on them, They must be able to handle salt water, not dull out from UV lights, and be completely inert so as not to give off any toxins to the fish. Trees and branches for a Tropical amphibian habitat should be biologically correct in type, color and feel of the native plants, but these trees and branches need to be built from products that won’t rot or fail for many years. Other projects need to be vandal proof, while others need to conceal equipment or hidden escape routes, while others just need to be safe and fun! Whatever your project is from simple to grand, you can be confident that we will look out for your best interests, and the interests of the end users.

When we design projects we not only look at aesthetics but functionality. Does our customer need storage, how can we block a prevailing wind, create privacy where none exists. With our stone we can easily handle these aspects, and integrate beauty. A large out cropping of stone on a berm could be a storage facility. A spiral staircase going up to a second story deck will create a storage space. We like to work with other designers and architects that want something different. We have software that allows us to design in 3-D views. This gives our customers an accurate feel and view of the project. We are experienced in creating Koi pools, cocktail pools, hot springs, Asian bath tubs, Swedish saunas, interior and exterior features of all types and sizes. If you are looking for a well built and well thought out project, you owe to yourself to at least call us.